What You'll Earn

Like a  true entrepreneur, how much money you make will depend entirely on how much effort you put into building your startup. You get a percentage of every sale you're responsible for.
Breakfast of champions
Send an email to the SAE apparel chair about rush shirts
Go to class, spot a senior wearing a Fresh Prints designed hat
Work with a friend to refine the design for her sweaters
Chat with Jacob - Fresh Prints co-owner - about new strategies for growing your business
Football practice in warmups you sold the team
Get a text about how sharp the Tridelt tanks are

A Day In the Life

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The average campus manager sells

$30,000 of kickass apparel

every school year.

Andrew Adrian

"Fresh Prints has given me the opportunity to balance school, life, and work. I work flexible hours and have made hundreds of friends along the way. Not only have I formed lifelong friendships with co-workers, but I'm THAT guy on campus who gets praised for making awesome t-shirts."

Campus Manager at Hofstra

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And You'll Make Good Dolla Bills



What our best Campus Managers earn every school year.
What the average campus manager earns every school year

About Fresh Prints

Dylan Reich

"I'm given a great amount of responsibilty as well as freedom. My goals and objectives are outlined and worked on as a team, but the execution is left up to me to do in whichever way I find best."

Campus Manager at University of Miami

Peter Ott

Campus Manager at University of Vermont


Jacob Goodman


Josh Arbit

Creative Director

Lizzie Sivitz


Jolijt Tamanaha

Fresh Prints is a custom apparel startup (a.k.a. we make dank t-shirts, sweatpants, sweaters... if you can wear it, we print art on it) founded in 2009. The 7 artists and 67+ Campus Managers who start and lead Fresh Prints at their schools run the company.

But we also have a team of execs who give the Campus Managers the logistics, training, capital, and support they need to rock it.

"A UMD Student Has Sold More Than $100K of Custom Clothing..."

"U-M Junior Sells $100K in Apparel In A Month..."

"A Real-Time, Real Sales Spin on Entrepreneurial Education"


...it's an opportunity to build a resume, skills, and a brunch fund no one else has ;)

 You Can't Get a Fancier Resume Anywhere Else

- The Stud Who Gets to Send the Resume Below

You'll Graduate With the Skills To Tackle Any Dream

Amelia Xu

CM at Wash U in St. Louis, now the Founder and CEO of Axos Headphones

"Fresh Prints has given me the entrepreneurial experience that sets me apart. It really sticks out to an employer when you can tell them you started your own business on campus and made thousands of dollars in sales."

Jeremy Abend

CM at Princeton, now a Barclay's Associate

Start a Business

Get a Ballin Job

Terrify Children

Horsey McHorseface

Former CM at the School of Hard knocks, now a professional stalker

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Being A Fresh Prints Campus Manager

You keep a % of the revenue, pick up the skills of an entrepreneur, and have fun.
You start Fresh Prints at your school. You work with fellow students who need custom apparel.
We give you training, working capital, and support.
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We do quick and totally no pressure group informational calls with everyone who is interested in the job!  We'll give you an overview of the job and answer any questions. 

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1. That you're a freshman or sophomore at a four-year college 

2. You're passionate, driven, and ready to put in the work to be a huge success. You ready to spend your time in college building something great.

3. That you laugh at all of our jokes (jk... mostly)

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