What You'll Earn

Like a  true entrepreneur, how much money you make will depend entirely on how much effort you put into building your startup. You get a percentage of every sale you're responsible for.
Breakfast of champions
Send an email to the SAE apparel chair about rush shirts
Go to class, spot a senior wearing a Fresh Prints designed hat
Work with a friend to refine the design for her sweaters
Chat with Jacob - Fresh Prints co-owner - about new strategies for growing your business
Football practice in warmups you sold the team
Get a text about how sharp the Tridelt tanks are

A Day In the Life

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The average campus manager sells

$30,000 of kickass apparel

every school year.

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About Fresh Prints

About Fresh Prints

Peter Ott

Campus Manager at University of Vermont


Jacob Goodman


Josh Arbit

Creative Director

Lizzie Sivitz


Jolijt Tamanaha

Fresh Prints is a custom apparel startup (a.k.a. we make dank t-shirts, sweatpants, sweaters... if you can wear it, we print art on it) founded in 2009. The 7 artists and 67+ Campus Managers who start and lead Fresh Prints at their schools run the company.

But we also have a team of execs who give the Campus Managers the logistics, training, capital, and support they need to rock it.

"A UMD Student Has Sold More Than $100K of Custom Clothing..."

"U-M Junior Sells $100K in Apparel In A Month..."

"A Real-Time, Real Sales Spin on Entrepreneurial Education"


...it's an opportunity to build a resume, skills, and a brunch fund no one else has ;)

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We're a team of 20 semi-adults and more than 120 college students who make custom apparel (think tees, sweaters etc) at schools across the country. The students are all "Campus Managers" who run the business on their campuses. 

Campus Managers are the head honchos in charge of Fresh Prints at their schools. They market to classmates who lead the clubs and orgs  on ordering apparel through them, work with our team of profesh designers to develop whatever art the client wants, recommend products we can print the art on, set a price for the order, and so much more. *

* Don't worry, we'll teach you how.

About Being a Campus Manager

1. Develop as an entrepreneur. This is so much more than a job because you'll pick up the experiences that the few students who start a business in school have. 

2. Graduate with a fancy ass resume. You'll be able to say "I built a six-figure business in college" and list off tangible skills like like marketing, sales, managing relationships, and more. 

3. Make money. OMG we almost forgot the most important part. Like a true entrepreneur, you get a % of the revenue you generate. Our average manager earns $8K a school year and the best earn upwards of $18K. 

4. Have fun. Your clients will become your friends. The other Campus Managers will become your friends. And our whole exec team will become your friends. 

1. You're a freshman or sophomore at a 4 year college.

About You

2. You're passionate, driven, and ready to put in the work to be a huge success. You ready to spend your time in college building something great.

3. That you laugh at all of our jokes (jk... mostly).

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